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A sex casting to find out if Sunny has got...

Tyson is talking about atheist zealots here, I think Playy we need to keep that distinction. youre as bad as they are.

" I don't want anyone to go through this kind of death - decades ago my Aunt died from a brain tumor - not sure it was the same kind - wasn't a gentle death.

I have pity for them, but not respect.

A sex casting to find out if Sunny has got...

Best regards. I was immediately banned. Be responsibe. I stopped giving to charity a long time ago. Read The risen Lord Jesus saved Paul and told Ananias Paul was His chosen vessel to the gentiles(Acts 9:15). Should the blacks Paly latrines?Thank you, Mr. talents and achievements without prejudice and tired old stereotypes.

As per Rachel M. and everyone knew that was exactly going to happen. Most so called comedians are and they aren't funny. Then, its Katy Bar the Door and No Holds Barred. That's far from being the only problem, but I agree - they're crazy, bloodthirsty savages.

What utter BS.

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    Fenrigrel3 months ago

    What you actually look like? I should’ve guessed.

  2. Moogular3 months ago

    But they don't want prisoners from shithole countries.

  3. Play
    Yozshuktilar3 months ago

    Okay, didn't work. LOL

  4. Dilabar
    Dilabar2 months ago

    thanks!! :D

  5. Shazshura
    Shazshura2 months ago


  6. Kagajas
    Kagajas2 months ago

    he really needs some schooling lol

  7. Najora
    Najora2 months ago

    No complaints here thank you, happy Friday James!

  8. Знакомства
    Tujinn2 months ago


  9. Nekasa2 months ago

    LOL!!! He might be!

  10. Play
    Gulabar1 month ago

    Yeah RINOs and never Trumpers are traitors.Vote in november!!!

  11. Mooguran
    Mooguran1 month ago

    xie xie

  12. Arashilkree
    Arashilkree1 month ago

    appropriate title, but not my cuppa tea

  13. Play
    Kazilar1 month ago

    what's the big smiley face for lol

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    Kezilkree1 month ago


  15. Digrel1 month ago

    YOU ARE RIGHT! omg

  16. Naran
    Naran1 month ago

    Sweet Benz!

  17. Mam
    Mam3 weeks ago


  18. Makazahn
    Makazahn2 weeks ago

    Great post.

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