Government of, by, and for the People

“I am proud to be a Michigander and an American, blessed with unparalleled opportunity. I am dedicated to expanding that opportunity for our children, their children, and their children thereafter.

My story starts like many across our country - growing up as one of 8, I know from experience how hard it can be to raise a family. Our second home was the hospital where our brother was treated - I know affordable healthcare and childcare are vital to working families. My mother always strove to get us the best education possible because she knew if we just had that, we could make something of ourselves and give back to our community.

I got to work right out of Creston High School, supporting my wife and son by taking the city bus to work at McDonalds and Burger King on opposite sides of town. I know what it means to live on minimum wage. I eventually went to work in the sheet metal industry, where I joined other like minded workers who take pride in the work of their hands and know how essential unions are to the workers’ rights everywhere.  Today, I manage multi-million dollar projects, always staying on-budget.

My story is one we all know - we work hard to provide for our families and create opportunities for our kids. These chances exist because there are others in our community to help us rise up. Our teachers should have the tools to give every child the chance to build a future. Our business owners should be rewarded for ensuring their workers share in the benefits of their labor. Mothers should be able to care for a sick child without worrying about keeping food on the table. We should build a safe and sustainable public transit network, so young people starting out like me can ride the bus across town. Together we can and we must ensure the opportunities the next generation enjoys are greater than those our parents could give us.”

Douglas Mark Smith, Jr. has resided in Michigan’s 3rd district his entire life, born the oldest of eight in Nashville, MI. He currently raises his two children with his high-school sweetheart in Grand Rapids.