Building a Sustainable Future

Smith supports job creation through the modernization of our energy system. Together, we can meet the challenge of Climate Change and create a sustainable future.

Green Jobs & Fossil Fuel Worker Support

Doug backs Senator Cantwell’s American Energy Innovation Act will create 1.5 million of jobs and help fossil fuel workers transition to the green economy. We can modernize our eletric grid, create new solar jobs for coal workers, and turn back the threat of Climate Change if we seize this historic opportunity.

Making Polluters Pay

Doug supports a carbon tax to speed the transition to clean energy and make polluters pay. The only people who should pay the costs of pollution are the polluters themselves.

Ban Fracking

Doug supports banning fracking to protect our water. As Climate Change threatens to bring more droughts, safeguarding our groundwater is more important than ever.

Encourage Walkable Neighborhoods

Doug is committed to making our cities better places to live and reducing our carbon footprint. Pro-density development policies will help reduce deforestation and dependence on cars, which will allow low-income people more freedom of movement and access to employment.


Creating Permanent Funds for Conservation

Doug will work as a partner with Senators Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters to pass  Energy Policy Modernization Act in the House. This will permanently reauthorize the Land and Water Reauthorization Fund and create a National Parks Maintenance and Revitalization Fund to protect our natural bounty for the benefit of future generations.


Defending Our Pollinators

Doug will encourage the EPA adopt the more rigorous standards with respect to pesticides to defend our insect population. As bee populations are threatened, putting our food system at risk, we must be more aggressive in defending the pollinators that we all rely on.