Growing a Fair Economy

Smith backs creating millions of American jobs via infrastructure, transit system modernization and the restoration our manufacturing industry. We can create a stronger country for generations to come.

Investing in American Infrastructure

Remove Lead From Homes, Water, & Soil

Doug will hold Hillary Clinton to her pledge to remove lead from American homes, soil, and water. Our most basic duty is to keep our children safe.


Rebuild our Roads & Bridges

Doug will help create millions of jobs by rebuilding our crumbling roadways. He will support a national infrastructure bank to ensure that we always have enough money for regular maintenance and upgrades.


Local Mass Transit

Doug will invest in busses and subways, including paratransit for the disabled, will help to connect the unemployed to jobs and unlock millions of dollars of Americans’ economic potential.


MagLev High-Speed Trains

Doug will invest magnetic levitation (maglev) trains to boost our economy and protect our environment. Turning drivers into train riders will reduce congestion and wear on our roads.  By shrinking our carbon footprint and providing competition that will reduce airfare, MagLev brings our transit system into the 21st century and creates new jobs here at home.

Raising the Minimum Wage

$15 an Hour

Doug has worked minimum wage jobs and knows that supporting a family today requires everyone earn at least $15 an hour. He will fight to make sure the minimum wage grows automatically by indexing future increases to inflation. When people can earn enough to climb out of debt and spend more at American businesses, our entire economy benefits.

End the Tipped Wage

Doug knows that allowing tipped workers to be paid less than minimum wage only results in more workers trapped in poverty and wage theft. It is especially shameful that since women workers are more likely to work in tipped jobs, they bear the greatest brunt of this injustice.


End the Sub-Minimum Wage for Disabled Workers

Doug understands that the system of sheltered workshops has failed and empowering disabled workers to achieve self-sufficiency requires they be treated like all other workers. Disabled workers should be able to support themselves on their wages just like everyone else.


End the Sub-Minimum Prison Wage

Doug will end modern American slavery by requiring prison laborers make at least minimum wage. Companies should not be able to get around our laws by exploiting captive workers.

Strengthening American Workers

Stronger Unions

Doug will fight anti-union intimidation and push for reforms such the Employee Free Choice Act, also known as Card Check, to make it easier for unions to hold elections. When workers can organize and fight for their own interests, our economy is stronger. Skilled trade unions will save taxpayers money by self-funding and not relying on any grants for their apprenticeship programs, pensions and health insurance.


Workplace Safety

Doug will fight for more OSHA inspectors and more comprehensive training, including language training, to ensure every worker can do their job without fear and no business gets an unfair advantage by cutting corners.


Fair Trade

Doug will vote down the TPP, TTIP, and any variation of these disastrous trade deals that don't protect the American workers. He will also oppose fast-tracking trade deals.

Investing in American Families

Paid Family & Medical Leave For All

Doug supports the Family and Medical Leave Insurance Act sponsored by Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Rep. Rosa DeLauro which guarantees paid time off for all workers when they have a baby or get sick. This will help countless families who depend on working mothers and help more mothers escape the ‘Sticky Floor’ where women are punished in career advancement when they take time off to have children or care for family members.


Affordable Childcare

Doug supports refundable tax-credits for childcare to ensure working families can provide their children with a safe environment to grow in without breaking their budget. Doug will fight to create a large-scale pilot program parents can opt-in to with nanny cams in subsidized daycares. This will help determine if broadening the innovation will improve child safety.


Universal Pre-K

Doug knows the earliest years of life are the most influential for a child, and especially so for kids in working class and poor families. Providing equal educational opportunity must start early.


Invest in K-12 Education

Teachers should not have pay out of pocket and parents should not be selling wrapping paper door to door to buy essential school supplies. Doug will support federal investments in comprehensive wrap-around services, from providing nutritious meals in low-income schools and housing for homeless students to greater investment in extracurricular sports and arts. We can close the gap between rich and poor students, and ensure no child’s destiny is determined by their zip code.


Supporting Teachers

Doug believes teachers need more support, not more unfunded mandates. Doug will fight for subsidies for increased professional development and evidence-based pushes for more professional development time.


Free State and Community College

Doug will fight for free tuition at state and community colleges and universities. In the 20th Century, workers needed at least a high-school education to get by, so we guaranteed free high-school for all.The 21st Century, our workers need more than a high-school education, so we need to make the next step free as well.


Free Vocational School and Paid Apprenticeships

Doug will fight for free vocational school and paid apprenticeships to provide students with more options than just traditional colleges and provide women and minorities a pathway into trades.

Investing in American Science & Technology

Protecting Net Neutrality

Doug supports a federal statute to protect net neutrality. A free and open Internet is key to preserving free speech, freedom of association, and a thriving online economy.


Invest in Basic Research

Doug supports comprehensive investments in basic research, especially medical research. In the age of Zika, it could not be clearer how important it is we invest in the NIH.


Investing in Rural America

Rural Healthcare Access

Doug will support rural health via higher reimbursement rates and delivery innovation, like medicine-delivery drones and tele-medicine. Safeguarding the health of our rural population is a critical part of healthcare reform.


Rural Broadband

Doug backs broadband access for all households, especially those in rural communities that would benefit from being connected to the internet economy most of all. We can create jobs today and lay the groundwork for the rural businesses of tomorrow.


Agronomic Science Investments

Doug knows that ensuring America’s farms remain productive depends on investments in our agronomic sciences. From making more efficient use of water to preserving soil fertility, good science will help our small and independent farmers keep their land strong for the next generation.

Ending Debt Traps

Fight Payday Lenders

Doug will crack down on payday lenders that keep families trapped in a cycle of debt. This modern-day usury is not only morally wrong, it puts huge downward pressure on our economic growth.


Postal Banking

Doug will support offering banking services at Post Offices to give low-income families an alternative to payday lenders. Doug will lobby the Postmaster General to expand on existing pilot programs and fight for legislation to guarantee the expansion of this banking option.


Fighting Abusive Debt-Collection

Doug will crack down on debt-collectors that exploit vulnerable populations like the elderly, disabled, and minorities. In addition to keeping families out of debt to begin with, Doug will fight to ensure that families are not targeted based on their age or race by collectors.


Debt-Free College

Doug will fight to help future college students finance their college education and help current grads get lower interest rates. College should be a foundation for the future, not a burden to struggle under. Doug will investigate college textbook prices and college business models more broadly to cut prices for students while making higher ed financially sustainable.

Secure Retirement

Expand Social Security

Doug will lift the cap on Social Security taxes so the rich pay their fair share and use that money to increase benefits for everyone. Our seniors have gone far too long without cost of living increases, and that needs to end.


Defending the Retirement Age

Doug will oppose any effort to raise the retirement age. Doug will investigate earlier retirement ages for physical laborers. As we develop a better understanding of how work impacts life expectancy and physical mobility, our retirement system should reflect that. People deserve to enjoy their retirement.


Funeral Benefits

Doug will fight for higher survivor's benefits to ensure families can manage the real cost of a funeral. Grieving families should be able to send off their loved ones with dignity.


Automatic Retirement Savings

Doug will join Senator Merkely as a partner in the House to build on Social Security and pass the American Savings Act. By allowing Americans to automatically save money and enjoy the same special interests rates as government employees, we can vastly expand the savings Americans use to supplement their Social Security benefits.


Protect Pensions

Doug will push for stronger protections to ensure employers are held to their word when it comes to paying their retirees. Workers who paid into the system their whole working lives should not have the rug pulled out from under them when the need help the most.

World-Class Healthcare


Doug will fight to improve on the ACA and move America to single-payer healthcare. Under single-payer, we can reduce the cost of healthcare while ensuring dental, eye, and ear care will be fully covered. No one should have their health determined by their ability to pay.


Drug Price Negotiation

Doug will empower Medicare to negotiate drug prices to end the travesty of Americans paying the highest drug prices in the world. Our seniors should not be cutting their pills so pharma executives can pad their bonuses.


Mental Healthcare

Doug will expand community-based mental healthcare and stop relying on prisons. He will fight to enforce existing coverage parity requirements that many insurance companies are ignoring right now.


Ending Medical Discrimination

Doug will fight for laws requiring the Department of Health and Human Services combat discrimination at all levels of healthcare. We have an obligation to end racial disparities care, from infant mortality to heart attack survival rates. We have an obligation to end gender discrimination, and ensure women in pain are not ignored. We have an obligation to our LGBTQ+ family to ensure they get equitable care.