Supporting Our Veterans & Military Families

Doug Smith will ensure we provide our veterans with support worthy of their sacrifice. As the son of veterans, he would accept no less.


Medical Care in Rural & Underserved Areas

Doug supports Senator Tester’s DOCs for Vets Act to ensure we are recruiting enough medical professionals to serve our vets in rural and underserved communities. No matter where they live, our veterans deserve prompt, accessible care.


Timely Care

Doug supports every effort to ensure veterans receive timely care. Representative Seth Moulton’s Faster Care for Veterans Act would allow veterans to make and check on appointments online, and is but one innovation we can explore to ensure veterans can ensure they get the care they need, when they need it.X


Quality Mental Healthcare

Doug believes we must not only do a better job of providing adequate numbers of mental health and traumatic brain injury specialists, but must also systemically connect our veterans returning home to mental health providers. When we ensure our veterans and their communities are aware of the resources available to them, we will better ensure those in need get the help they deserve.


Suicide Reduction

Doug believes we must build on the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act and end the travesty of 22 daily veteran suicides. Peer support, improved VA accountability, repaying debts of psychiatric professionals: these are all but the first steps in our path to combatting suicide.


In-Home Care

Doug will fight to make sure veterans who need long-term care will be able to receive it in their own community. Our veterans and their families who need in-home care should have access to nurses and other home care specialists.

Military Families

Doug believes we must address the unique strains military life places on families. The DOCs for Vets Act would ensure access to marital counseling and family therapy.

Sexual Assault

Doug supports the Military Justice Improvement Act to ensure that our armed service members and veterans are not left out of our society-wide effort to end sexual violence.

Education & Employment

Automatic Civilian Credentials & Licenses

Doug believes we need to make it easier for veterans to transition back to civilian life. One way to help is to guarantee veterans are automatically given civilian credentials and licenses for skill they learned during the course of their service.


Paid Apprenticeships

Doug wants to ensure veterans who wish to pursue trades when they return to civilian life have access to quality paid-apprenticeships where they can support themselves while learning new skills.


Post-9/11 GI Bill

Doug will defend and expand on the Post-9/11 GI Bill to ensure our veterans have access to debt-free education no matter where they go to school, and combat efforts by for-profit universities to scam veterans out of their education.


Doug strongly opposes the impending phase out of  pension benefits for military retirees. Pensions should be fully restored and any private savings accounts should only be used to supplement those full pensions. Our veterans deserve the full security pensions bring to retirement.